TMB & BBG Podcasts

From my studio to your ears!

Tune in for weekly episodes

TMB & BBG Podcasts

From my studio to your ears!

Tune in for weekly episodes

Welcome to the Podcasts Page

When we hit the great freeze of 2020 and free time became suddenly available, I finally took the leap and began podcasting. This led me to becoming addicted to audio art and also sharing stories and conversations with others.

Originally my first podcast was called BizNation - interviewing other entrepreneurs to share their experiences.

The next step was Simply Biz Bean$ to focus on making the business finances simple. 

Fast forward to October 2023 and season 6 kicks off into The Money Barista Podcast, from The Virtual Cafe with questions & answers for your business finances, and a recipe for your coffee too! It's all about the bean$ in our business! 

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The Money Barista Podcast

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner that wants to understand your finances?

I'd like to welcome you to The Money Barista Podcast.

This podcast is held in the Virtual Cafe with Kerry & Kim to discuss the hard topic of finances in a relaxing conversational way.

Season 6 has kicked off as of October 2023 and it's Q&A style with Kim asking Kerry, aka The Money Barista, questions that you need the answers to for your business finances journey.

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Bucket & Boom Gates Podcast

This podcast is for all entrepreneurs with conversations, raw and out loud.

Where Kim met Kerry, an entrepreneurial love story, really it is. When two humans from across the globe came together to support entrepeneurs, magic truly does happen.

Come and be the fly on our wall's, all the way from Texas to Melbourne, Australia.

Podcast Merchandise

We all love to wear our favorite brands and of course, it was only right to bring you the best merchandise right across the globe!

Your choice of Coffee with Kerry and BizNation tops, mugs, and bags for those cool outings!

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