How much detail is too little or too much when categorising income and expenses?

Welcome to the Virtual Cafe where we have discussions about the beans in your business. This week we are dreaming about more coffee while skating full throttle through the changing seasons across the globe. Kerry is comparing two sides of the coin of categorizing income and expenses when you are so busy.

  • Balance in information about categories
  • Discovering through pain points how much info is needed
  • Minimum of requirements
  • Lean & Mean vs Extra Details
  • Information for making decisions
  • Where to focus your energy
  • Based on our business and us

Having the information you need to make decisions and keeping things simple so you can stay consistent in your business finances is very important. It looks different for every person and every business. Kerry shares how to be in control by reading the numbers and knowing what they mean.

Let us know if you have questions you would like to have answered live in the Virtual Cafe on a future episode. Join us in our weekly conversations for serious topics that are always wrapped in fun!

We hope you enjoy this experience 🙏

Cheers ☕ Kerry & Kim

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