How can I break down my business finances into small pieces when I'm starting out?

This week in the Virtual Cafe listen in to the conversation about Kerry's bean-o-meter and the confessions that go with it. Coffee and money are always a topic at the table here. The Money Barista herself is answering some great questions from a listener.

  • Questions can be hard to ask
  • Calendar, schedule, timing
  • 'The Day' vs Bite Size Pieces
  • Excuses from overwhelm
  • Deadline for taxes is a higher level of stress
  • Inflicting more pain on ourselves
  • Adding unnecessary pressure
  • Being mindful of your business finances
  • Little pieces of effort add up
  • Learning and repeating with practice

Kerry shared what riding a bike or wiping your bum has to do with your flipping digits. Continuing to learn and practice to get ahead of the game helps you get in control of your business finances and helps you avoid the pain.

Using The Money Barista Savings Tool for recurring payments is a great place to get started. There is a live demo every quarter where Kerry shows you how to use it and it's a great place you can ask questions. Don't miss out!

We would love you to tune in for this episode and future discussions in the virtual cafe, where you too can get in control of your business finances.

We hope you enjoy this experience 🙏

Cheers ☕ Kerry & Kim

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