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Hey, I'm Kerry!

Having over 20 years experience in business led me to find my voice in podcasting.  Bringing me opportunities that I never thought imaginable, whilst also giving me personal growth and becoming a leading authority.

As your Podcast Marketing Magician, I am waving my magical wand, to help you get your show in front of more people.

Join me for virtual support to get started, or tweak your existing podcast marketing strategy.

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Podcasting made easy!

Easy processes to create, publish and promote your podcast that will result in a professional-sounding podcast every time.

Podcasting simplified!

This is where you will learn all about how to reach and grow your audience using social media marketing.

Podcasting made fun!

Because it should be fun! As the talent of our shows, being able to enjoy recording without the weight of the world on our shoulders!

Podcast Marketing

With over 4.2 million podcasts on the global directory, we need to market our podcast to be found by our target audience. Many hit the roadblock of being the talent of their show, and needing help with their marketing endeavors!

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How to Start Podcasting

As much as we all want everyone to start a podcast by hitting record, you will need some basic planning to kick off for success in your podcasting journey. Join me, Kim White, and Linda Bonney in getting started 'simple' style. We want you to start today!

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You might think, why the coffee? It is common to lose motivation in podcasting. Many think, build it and they will come, sadly this is not the case, it is a long game! Joining a community of podcasters can help you stay motivated, with your favourite cup!

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The Easiest Way to Promote Your Own Podcast!

Are you ready to start your own podcast but don't know how to market the show? We cover the easiest way to promote your own podcast! Get started now.

How to Launch & Grow Your Audience Using Social Media Marketing!

Learn how to launch, grow and monetize your podcast audience using social media marketing. This is the best place on the web for learning everything you need to know about starting a successful podcast business.

The Fun Way to Learn!

Through podcast coaching, you can find a fun way to podcast. I'm here to help you make a great show! Using our unique process, we will focus on making it as easy as possible for you. Our goal is that you'll have so much fun recording, that your listeners will be able to hear it.

Podcasting is on the rise, and it's never been easier to market a podcast.


Join Kerry as she shows you how to find your audience and grow your listenership through best practice marketing skills.

We'll cover all the podcast branding aspects and a simplified process of marketing your show. 

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Kim White

"Kerry helped me up-level my podcast across the globe"

Doina Bejenaru

"Kerry has a genuine desire to assist others"

Sid Meadows

"Coffee with Kerry is one of the best I've listened to."

Mike Ham

"Kerry has a great eye for podcast concept, I can't wait to hear more"

Pedro Maciel

"Kerry is an exceptional host and knows exactly how to handle the FUN and EXCITEMENT"

Drew Milden

"Kerry's podcast schedule is the best and really helped me organize my episodes"

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