The Money Barista

Business Finances Made Simple 

In The Virtual Cafe

The Money Barista

Business Finances Made Simple 

In The Virtual Cafe

Kerry Zarb is The Money Barista. Having filed for bankruptcy in her first business, Kerry was determined to change her trajectory of money and embarked on a 12 year learning journey.

In 2012, Kerry launched her current business to help other business owners get and stay in control of their business finances.

The Money Barista demonstrates how business finances can be made simple so that anyone can get in control of their money.

This book takes away the preconceived ideas we can have with our business finances and making them work for us.

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What You Can Expect

We all learn in different ways, and I am personally a visual and doing learner. This publication has been made in hope to combine valuable text, without accounting tech jargon, and also bringing in some personality, humor and engaging images.

Here's a little peak inside the pages!

Writing The Money Barista™ Book

If you have spent any amount of time with me, caught me on the podcast or heard me speak, you may know that I am a numbers kinda gal.

I feel most comfortable when creating a new spreadsheet and making it dance with calculations and one of fav things is linking data from one sheet to another.

I have always imagined authors as polished and proper people that hang out in libraries and they might ever have advanced degrees in literature.

Having edited my own podcast, sometimes I wonder if I can even speak english, let alone put words on a page.

It took our kitchen table and a laptop to unleash me to write the book. Stepping out of my normal home office and creating a new working space gave me the shift to focus on one thing and just let it all out of my head.

I wrote like I was chatting with a friend on the other side of the table and this even made me giggle a few times.

I had a favourite song mix in the background that has no lyrics and the curtain was open to see the sun or rain in the backyard. 

Our puppy would come and visit at the window and the cats were stroll on by, I'm sure all the pets were wondering what on earth was going on.

My husband "boss" would drop in and ask how I was going, I think I answered!

Was it a challenge? Yes!

Will I write another? Absolutely, when the time is right!

About the Book

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we often feel overwhelmed with responsibility.

The engine room of our business is in the finances, and this can be super daunting to many.

Having been there myself, I recall the struggle like it was yesterday, not knowing the numbers was haunting me and finding someone to explain them in simple terms felt near impossible.

The Money Barista™, Business Finances Made Simple In The Virtual Cafe, is focused on stepping you through getting comfortable with your business finances, in easy to follow steps, and no formal financial education necessary!

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Complete Guide to Your Business Finances

Looking for the way you can make working on your business finances that will work for you?

Get in Control of Your Digits

Its time to make your business finances simple and even enjoyable!

Staying on Track with your Business Finances

Finding the method that works for you, is the best way that you can stay in control.

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