Who Do I Call When I Need To Ask An Embarrassing Money Question?

We all have phone-a-friend moments in business especially when it comes to money and finances. It can be compelling to go to a search engine when it's an embarrassing question, but be careful when searching online because it can be a slippery slope. The so-called answers online can be overwhelming and we can get off answers. Asking someone you know has experience and sincerely wants to help you is a much better choice, but how do you know who to ask?

  • Kim called Kerry while live on a podcast to see if she knew the answer to a game question she was being asked
  • relationships that we can have for a 'phone-a-friend' call
  • who to ask questions that are private and confidential
  • searching online can be a slippery slope
  • Kerry gets all kinds of business questions and keeps them anonymous when she answers on the podcast

Money basics are the same for most people and we understand how hard it can be. If you have questions and don't know who to ask, send them to Kerry and she will do her best to answer them on the podcast without any judgment and she keeps who asked confidential. Don't let those embarrassing questions keep you from getting in control of your BF's aka business finances.

Send questions to [email protected] and remember Kerry loves colorful language so ask away with swear words included. Message her on the socials to connect with her too.

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