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Business Finances

Will I ever get my business finances right? Learning to trust myself by changing bad decisions into opportunities!

Sep 09, 2023

Some things we do with our money, we can't undo the decision or the damage.

However, making different choices can mean changing the options and the opportunities that go with them.

Bad decisions with money can mean we pay for it for a long time and can cause anxious feelings about doing it again.

The feeling of wishing we could take them back can stay with us and make us nervous about making big decisions again.

The pain of the time to clean up the mess left from bad choices can push us to run from making decisions or it can help us get in control of our money.

Learning to trust ourselves again is a big part of the shift that is needed to be the one in the driver's seat.

Being aware of the times we are more likely to make a bad decision is also a key to making those changes.

If we are busy or distracted, it's much easier to do things we regret, especially with our money.

Slowing down can help us all save time and money because it helps us stay aware of the opportunities to learn without the pain of the consequences!

Cheers to being confidently in control!

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