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Messy Business Finances

Messy Work Area = Messy Finances

Jan 06, 2024

When we are working with sh;t all around us, it can be hard to find things as well as hard to concentrate.

Before sitting down to work on your business finances, it really does pay to clean up your work area to help us nail our focus.

Gone are the days of a huge paper pile waiting for us to work through, more commonly we have general mess on our desk or work space.

Multiple pens, note pads, charger cords, lip balms, books we are reading or want to read, or even the odd snack can pile up quickly around us, all making mess when they multiply and get out of control.


All this mess can really impact the way we work, especially the less favourable ones like our business finances.

Digging deep to put that mess out of our mind, or just wanting to throw everything in the bin can even be tempting.

Take a moment to tidy up, give your mind the freedom to work on the digits without feeling hindered by the mess.

Having your paper pile in a digital format can also help contain the clutter in our physical space as well as our mind.

As we move into a digital world, with more evidence arriving to our inbox and with many digital receipts available, we have the opportunity to tap into our own digital world to remove the paper pile we all hate.

Many recurring payments and subscriptions either send you an invoice via email, or you have those available for download within the platform itself.

Grabbing these and storing them digitally can save you printing them and also not have a paper pile at all.

The best work is done when your mind is free, which can be direct impact from your environment.

And...don’t forget your favourite brew!!

You can learn more about making your own “Digital Shoe Box” in The Money Barista Club