How Do I Stop Automatic Payments

Recurring charges are just ridiculous when it comes to not stopping when they're supposed to stop. It's so easy to sign up for them and it can be so hard to cancel them, join Kerry and Kim in their chat about some tips on tracking those pesky subscriptions.

  • How can I make sure that something doesn't get charged when I cancel it?
  • Sometimes we need to hold that element of responsibility and we need to keep them accountable
  • If we can keep the bean$ in our business or in life, why not? Track your subscriptions with the TMB Savings Tool

As a business owner, we are always thinking about making more money, this is a great way to make more money by not spending money, when we're not using whatever it is. Start tracking those subscriptions, find out what they are, see if we are still using them, and start saving some bean$.

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