New Year Plan for Your Biz Bean$

Welcome to the Virtual Cafe, and the first episode of 2024. New Year New Plan for your Biz Bean$ as Kerry says. There's something about a new year, a fresh page, a new clean calendar, a new forecast, a new plan. We have the opportunity to have this new year with a new plan.

  • This month is the live tour! We gather every quarter where Kerry gives a demonstration of the Savings Tool
  • The pesky recurring transactions that we all have on our bank accounts or credit cards
  • The Savings Tool gives us this ability to list out all the payments and know exactly where all the bean$ are going
  • There are all these options that open for us, not only to save money but we get to make choices about the tools that we are using in our business
  • The opportunities and options year!

Kerry's on a mission to help as many people as possible to save as much money as possible because it's our money and it belongs in our accounts where we have control of it. Hang out with us in the virtual cafe on Jan. 17, at 5pm CST / Jan. 18, 10am AUS, for the Live Tour!

Live Tour Sign Up

We are grateful for those tuning in, thank you for joining us week on week. Happy New Year! We hope that whatever coffee you decide on it makes your year even better.

We would love you to tune in for this episode and future discussions in the virtual cafe, where you too can get in control of your business finances.

We hope you enjoy this experience 🙏

Cheers ☕ Kerry & Kim

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