What Grinds My Beans - or NOT?

In today's round at the Virtual Cafe, Kerry places a new spin on the subscriptions, a positive note to see out the "What Grinds My Bean$" three part series.

Catch Kim & Kerry discussing:

  • A coffee bag subscription model
  • Good subscriptions for business and life
  • A special shout out to our Adam Rothenberg

Not to mention the normal banter with some other pieces ginger gold.

If you haven't taken a list to episode 169 & 170 of "What Grinds My Bean$" we certainly encourage you to do so to grab all the goodness shared in recent weeks.

As discussed, here is the link to the Live Tour of Simple Subscriptions for July 12th at 6pm CT


We hope you enjoy this experience 🙏

Cheers ☕ Kerry & Kim

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