What Grinds My Beans Pt 1

Welcome back to the virtual cafΓ© for this special episode of the Simply Biz Bean$ podcast.

This one is going to be a little bit different, and I thought I would put this little warning here before we dive in.

If you have little people in the car with you right now, or I’m sitting on the kitchen bench on speaker, in about 1 min, you might want to press pause button and resume listening at a more appropriate time slot.

This whole podcast is rate E and this episode is one reason why. It’s not excessive, however it may offend some people.

Now let’s dive straight in...

What Grinds My bean$ and what's covered today

  • App Store Charges
  • Subscriptions/Recurring Payments
  • Free Trials
  • Yearly/Annual Payments

This episode contains some course language and listener discretion is advised.

The Live Tour of Simple Subscriptions in coming on July 12th – to reserve your free seat – head over to https://www.kerryzarb.com/simplesubs

We hope you enjoy this experience πŸ™

Cheers β˜• Kerry & Kim

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