Setting a Date for Your Digits

Can we possibly be like Kerry and jump out of bed and get excited for our finances? Or are your digits in the doghouse and sleeping on the couch instead? When it comes to business finances you might not immediately think of candlelit dinners, a romance chick flick and getting’ cozy and comfortable. Yet, in this episode Kerry and Kim challenge entrepreneurs all around the world with the idea of setting a date for your digits. A time and space which doesn’t belong to anyone else, dedicated to your business finances. Do you think your money and funds deserve your time and dedication? Kerry and Kim do, and they explore this concept further in this episode by discussing:

  • The importance of setting and sticking to an appointment timeslot in your calendar. Finances can be an easy task to avoid unless we keep faithful and consistent with our commitment on the calendar.
  • How bite sized commitments can avoid so much overwhelm (especially with deadlines at tax time!). And even though we might want to kick and scream and cause a fit, the smaller habits stick a lot longer than one humungous task.
  • The personal challenge of pain and reward (Kerry loves this game when sitting at the table with her funds).
  • Being selective about time of day for digit dates. When is your bandwidth humming? What works to set the wheels in motion? Are you trying to drink too many coffees in order to cope?

To avoid divorcing your digits the Biz Bean$ Club is held monthly in the virtual cafe, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and get in control of your business finances! We would love to see you there

Until next time, happy Biz Bean$ to you and see you again soon in the Simply Biz Bean$ virtual café 🙏

Cheers ☕ Kerry & Kim

No beans were harmed during the production of this podcast. Information contained in this podcast should be taken as general advice only and your personal circumstances have not been taken into account. It is recommended that you seek financial advice from a professional who is licensed to do so. If you choose to act upon the general advice shared, you do so at your own risk.