Tools To Market Your Podcast

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7 Days of Simple Podcast Marketing


Are you stuck thinking of social media post ideas?

Do you have a few minutes to get multiple posts out to grow your audience for every episode?

Check out the 7 Days to Podcast Marketing completely FREE!

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Your Podcast Marketing Planner


The struggle is real - Podcasting can feel like a full-time job.

No wonder our marketing finds us out of steam - I know I did back in the day! This is why I have created this PDF for you!!

Actionable ideas and your own planning fillable section to make your marketing lightweight and easy to do for every single episode 🚀

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The Ultimate Podcast & Marketing Planner


Your entire Podcast Production in Google Sheets and Excel!

Everything you need to get organized in your podcast and more!

Tick all the boxes and ensure you never miss a step again!

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Podcast Marketing Audit


Is your marketing missing something?

Book a 30min Audit Session, one on one via Zoom with Kerry

BONUS - You will also receive a copy of the meeting to refer back to!

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Start Your Podcast Today


Please join me with Kim White from My Sexy Business & Linda Bonney in getting your podcast started today!

We are making the whole 'getting started', really easy so you can literally start today!

This workshop will kick start your podcast with all the great things without getting overwhelmed with all the 'tech talk'!

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Something Cool Is Coming Soon!

If you haven't already met me, you will know I love creating content!

And if you have spent any time with me, you know I LOVE coffee!

This means brewing is my 'thang"

So please stand by!

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L.E.A.P Podcast Marketing Method

"On the House"

☕Coffee with Kerry Club☕

Clubhouse, Thursday's 7 am CST / Midnight (Fri) AEDT

PDF available for content and note-taking to really grab amazing value with the live audio room.

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Affiliate Links

Amazing Tools For Your Podcast

The following are affiliate links for great tried and tested tools to help you up-level your podcast!

With help from some of our podcasting community, there are great tools here to help everyone!


Looking to design simple Podcast Art for your show and social media? Look no further!

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Sound Fx

If you're looking to jazz up your show, you can really make your podcast pop with SoundSnap!

Discover here


Do you struggle with words? I do and this is why I use Jarvis! My friend Branden Ushio brings us Jarvis!

Learn more here

Hints, Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Some times the tiny gems can make a big impact!