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The Ultimate Podcast & Marketing Planner

Podcasting can seem endless in steps and this planner is not only going to help you tick all the boxes for Marketing but your entire Podcast!

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List Your Episodes

Episode Title, Number, Guest Name, Publish Date, and more...

Track Post Production

View every step, all the Editing, Uploading, Transcription, and more...

Action Your Marketing

Social media post types covering 7 days of content with all the boxes to tick!

The Ultimate Podcast & Marketing Planner

If you have a fear of Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, never fear, I gotchya!!

This "made for you" spreadsheet not only tracks your episodes, all your podcast processes,  but also helps you track your social media posts for your podcast - WOOHOO

All yours for just $7 - WTF 😮 I know!


Get organized today, and check off all the boxes for your podcast production plan!

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