The Money Barista Podcast Story 

This week we wanted to take you on a quick journey of this podcast and all it's makings over the past 3.5 years.

As this podcast has evolved, the core mission has always been to help others.

From the great freeze of 2020 to today, Kerry, aka The Money Barista has been focused and determined to help entrepreneurs on their business journey.

From interviews under the "BizNation" brand to "Simply Biz Bean$" with the business finances focus, to today with "The Money Barista Podcast", still about business finances!

We discuss when and why these changes happened so that you can share in this journey with Kerry!

We hope you enjoy this experience 🙏

Cheers ☕ Kerry & Kim

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Information contained in this podcast should be taken as general advice only and your personal circumstances have not been taken into account. It is recommended that you seek financial advice from a professional who is licensed to do so. If you choose to act upon the general advice shared, you do so at your own risk.