Variable Income Challenges

Cappuccino, Espresso, Macchiato, Mocha and all the Bean$ in between Kerry and Kim are back and talking all about variable income challenges in the small business world. Often, as entrepreneurs we have fluctuating income to navigate and it’s not unusual to feel uncertain about how to plan and manage our funds. Boil the kettle or grind some bean$ with your choice of beverage alongside as Kerry and Kim chat about:

  • Service based businesses. The real deal peaks and valleys (troughs) that can be experienced. Allowing for the aggregate, adjusting to the averages and climbing the finance mountains with wisdom and knowledge in our backpack.
  • Staying lean and mean when it comes to set, fixed and variable expenses. Keeping a tight eye on our expenses and not over committing. Kerry even has a magic tool for this very topic called Simple Subscriptions.
  • Learning from our mistakes and deciding to do finances differently. It can be like a feast or a famine, with a lot of patience required. Watching out for the signs, changing your mindset and perception when it comes to varied income and influx of funds.
  • Kerry pulls out the coffee crate and passionately chats about being in an ideal position to lower expenses in order to make more income and the juggle it takes to manage cashflow.

At the end of the day, whether you like your coffee too hot to handle or iced with cream piled on top, we cannot predict what the person behind us will order. Business finances are on a very similar page because we do not have the crystal ball served with coffee. To gain more control of fluctuating income we would love you to head over to the Biz Bean$ Club where you can ask questions in real life on Zoom and learn about finances in a delicious and fun way.

Until next time, happy Biz Bean$ to you and see you again soon in the Simply Biz Bean$ virtual café 🙏

Cheers ☕ Kerry & Kim

No beans were harmed during the production of this podcast. Information contained in this podcast should be taken as general advice only and your personal circumstances have not been taken into account. It is recommended that you seek financial advice from a professional who is licensed to do so. If you choose to act upon the general advice shared, you do so at your own risk.