Are All Your Eggs in One Basket

In the land down under there’s a bit of a tradition that has started with an Easter Bilby, rather than the Easter Bunny. The internet reckons wild rabbits in Australia are 'ecosystem engineers', affecting natural environments, infrastructure and changing whole ecosystems with a population estimated to be 200 million. A bit like the bunny creating havoc across this great land, when we have all our eggs in one basket, it can also become a bit of a pest when it comes to business finances. Whether it’s a Cadbury egg or a hot cross bun with your coffee, pull up a chair and tune in as Kerry and Kim chew over:

  • Relying on one client for a chunk of our business profit. The risks involved and how that can impact tax, relationships, and security.
  • Personal stories and experiences when it comes to the difference between having a business and having a J.O.B.
  • How various streams of income can help and putting ourselves in a position where we can reduce risk and avoid heightened levels of panic. Backup plans and emergency planning are important to take into account.
  • Adapting to the seasons of life and circumstances that we may be experiencing as entrepreneurs. Not expecting our egg percentage to be flipped overnight – while also not ignoring this important conversation within this episode.

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Cheers ☕ Kerry & Kim

No beans were harmed during the production of this podcast. Information contained in this podcast should be taken as general advice only and your personal circumstances have not been taken into account. It is recommended that you seek financial advice from a professional who is licensed to do so. If you choose to act upon the general advice shared, you do so at your own risk.