Never Fear Your Business Finances Again!

I'm Kerry Zarb, and numbers are my thang! From basic profit & loss to formulas to achieve your business and personal financial goals, I can show you the simplest way to feel comfortable and confident with all your finances, just like your morning cup of coffee!

My mission is to empower business owners or those starting out to understand their figures and ensure their business is successful by making your numbers work for you and not you working for the numbers!

You can grow your financial muscles using easy steps with me and never fear your business numbers again!

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Make your finances light & simple with this easy-to-use Google Sheet, ready for your input to plan your budget fast!

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I had to be a sponge...

I was born in a coastal country town, "fast forward woman FFS!"

Learn more about me by business finance story, from growing up to hardship and now a flourished lifestyle, and why I want you to know your business numbers with confidence!

Click the image and you can find my story at 2:24:16 and I encourage you to watch others on days 1 & 2 of the 2021 Hope to Hope Conference!

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What others say...

Helping amazing people is what I really enjoy!

Doina Bejenaru

Jumpin Podcast & Pinterest Queen

"Kerry has a genuine desire to assist others"


Drew Milden

Drew vs. The World Podcast

"Kerry's podcast schedule spreadsheet is the best and really helped me organize my episodes"