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The Journey of a Podcast Host

Aug 31, 2021

This is a story about how I started my podcast. It all began at the start of the "Great Freeze of 2020". I was in my backyard, trying to learn how to shuffle dance when I realized I had this amazing gift of time handed to me and I could do amazing things with this time. I'd been thinking of starting a podcast for about 2 years and was also an avid listener to many podcasts for around 5 years.

I started with podcasting with a Blue Yeti, that’s right, I will admit it!

But you know what, I started, isn’t that the hero part? Let me come back to that point.

Boy oh boy, did I think I had it all going on! I thought my room was perfect, my microphone technique was good enough and I knew my editing process was heavy, having edited 35 podcast episodes, it was simply, "rinse and repeat" each time.

You see, I then surrounded myself with leading experts. They would say things like: "ensure you have soft furnishings in your room as it makes a huge difference to your audio". "Smaller spaces work better as there is less space for your audio to travel".

Oh man, I had it all wrong, like embarrassingly wrong!

Fast forward in time, after purchasing my Shure MV7, and you’re right, it’s not the BEST microphone on the market, but when you go from a condenser mic to a dynamic mic, holy snap, this is when my face should have turned beetroot red, and I should have never spoken to another podcaster again.

Instead, I have embraced the journey, stored in all my learning curves and by popular demand, I am showing up, Yeti story and all, to help others on their podcasting journey.

Could you imagine a world where no one shared their hiccups? Could you imagine a world full of poker players, sitting back snickering at others trying to get ahead in their journey? All I can picture is our community of fellow passionate powerhouses.

You can test your plosives on that one now – passionate powerhouses!!

I also want to add though, I refuse to be a parrot! I have learned so much from many people, many leading experts in the last few months, and I always will try to pay them tribute for all they shared with me.

Now let’s go back to getting started.

I've learned a lot in the last 12+ months, and continue to do so. If you are looking for more information about podcasting my aim is to help others on their podcasting journey.

After everything I have experienced, all the wisdom that has been shared with me, I have made my own opinions about many things, that the Yeti, Smartphone, Headset mic, whatever you have, are just tools to get started!!

Podcasting is not an easy thing for many. It can be hard to get started with any device. We're not all natural speakers or performers. I truly believe, anyone that starts a podcast deserves a gold star!

Taking the courage to start is huge! Hitting record and speaking into anything needs to be recognized, like many that have ventured before us, the beginning of your podcast journey can be very basic, don’t stress about having all the fancy equipment, don’t get stuck on the technical stuff.

Hit record, as it will be the start of something great.

Getting started is the biggest hurdle, but when you do, people will notice and see your courage as a huge positive. So don’t stress about having all the fancy equipment or getting caught up in technical stuff – just hit record!

If you want to start a podcast, if you want to see if you like it, just give it a go! If you don’t like it, stop! Don’t be afraid to try.

I'm here for anyone that needs help with their podcast journey - just get in touch and let me know what your biggest challenge is at the moment?

If there's anything I can do to help just let me know!