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Instagram changes you need to know about

Oct 31, 2021

There are a few changes that have come to Instagram that you need to know about. 
What do these changes mean for podcasters? Well, if you're trying to wave your magic wand in marketing, some of these changes might help you!


Desktop Posting Mode

Although research suggests that users consume a staggering amount of content via mobile devices, however many of us still use desktops to create and publish our content.

The desktop post publishing really helps us now send content to our audience in a few clicks of our mouse.

It's no secret that organic posts directly on Instagram reach more people.


Hashtag Insights

In recent weeks, word on the street is that using 3-5 qualified hashtags will see your Instagram content target better.

Who can keep up right? Use all 30, use just under 30, no wait, 10-15, now we are down to 3-5. 

All the experts are saying that using less helps the algorithm become less confused giving us more potential to reach our target audience better.


Links In Stories

This is another great feature now available just released. Just like adding a GIF, you can now add a LINK.

Testing is underway for this across all marketing masters and the jury is currently out. As we all know, sending traffic off social media platforms has never been in favor, so it will be interesting to see the story analytics of the results.

One thing is for certain, anytime a platform makes a change, it is time to test and measure.

This can feel tedious, and no doubt other changes are on the way. If you don't like change, you won't like social media, podcasting, or business.

Happy podcast marketing friends!