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Build Your Biz Bean$ Team

Jun 28, 2022

You might be thinking, well, it's just me. You're the business owner, social media manager, website editor, graphic designer, IT support, head of sales and service, and that’s not all the hats you wear.  

Have you ever thought outside the inner walls of your business sanctuary? I never used to either, the last decade in business has taught me not to be alone, to surround myself with like-minded people. Get help and support through networking and outsourcing.  

Thinking of building a team in your business sounds great, but what if the business has a very low cash flow? What if your business is just getting started? The idea of having a herd of people in your pocket sounds expensive, right?  

I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be expensive when you think of all the help that you can get, and you look at the support that's needed. Just because you're in business, doesn't mean everyone is helping you as a full-time employee with the salary to match.  

Let's look at your accountant to start with, do you call them once a year? If your business grows that might turn into twice or three times a year, but we don't have them on our contact list every single week or every single month. 

The same goes for a bookkeeper, a small business does not have a bookkeeper doing 40 hours a week. Even think about your bank manager, they're there to help you when needed without an hourly rate attached because it's all part of the banking fees. I'm not saying pick up the phone and ask your bank manager to pull out all your expenses and tell you how much that's worth. 

This is sent to you in your bank statement, your paper, or digital format each month. Think of it like a team working behind the scenes to ensure you have the information that you need.  

Let's think of the concept of a biz beans team. I've only touched on a couple, if you DIY your finances, you might have even more than these without even realizing it. You might currently see your accountant at tax time, but keep in mind that you can call them if needed for advice outside of the yearly tax meeting, and they may charge you for their time. If you get the questions answered, this is going to be worth the investment.  

Another way to have a biz beans team is to join community groups. For example, the room we hold on Clubhouse. We gather every Friday to chat about the biz beans. We even have a biz beans team right there in that space to discuss anything that you want to bring to the table.  

Another one is the Simply Biz Bean$ in this podcast, this is part of your biz beans team to sit down with me in the virtual cafe and have a coffee every single week. 

We need to think outside the square. You might read books, you can watch videos on YouTube about finances, anywhere you get the hints and tips, even on social media, this is all considered part of your biz beans team.  

Do you still feel alone?  

I'm reminded of that saying we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. I've been a believer in this for a long time, but the further I go in business, the more I realize five people isn't enough. I need more, I need more than five people.  

We need to think beyond that, I strongly believe it's true and there's a number to suit everyone. We are all a sponge in life and in business, we need to be open to learning by surrounding ourselves with the knowledge and the power we deserve. 

Sadly, not all advice is great advice. Please consider your biz beans team. Know that you're not alone, and I hope you find the right fit tribe of people to support you.